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On Shabbat, Isaac and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary.

This Blog has moved – Please go to www. This post is a long time in coming – sorry about that.

The difficulty can be that there i They owned an auto collision shop and were purposely ruining the cars even more, by hammer Get the Twitter Widget widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Tales of an Angry Jew. How Not To Argue Against Student Divestment Proposals – Students who support the human and civil rights of Palestinians are submitting proposals on college campuses that call for their universities to divest fr Children of Hamas – “Bastards”, I shouted in a rare display of road rage as a couple of cars ran over a crossing narrowly missing a school child.

Bot Cot Garbage Dump – For all you annoying spam bots To the Jews, one loud homecoming is worth quiet funerals. It makes me really sorry I didn’t go to a socialist Zionist summer camp.


To go 40 days without music and then not long after another iudaicee weeks is difficult, espe Obviously A recent date made me For whatever reason I recently opened the “dvar torah” on In da city Kishinev – Perhaps the most accurate musical depiction of life in Kishinev since S’keshenever shtikele Massacre of Truth – The vile, wretched media elites continue to demonstrate unconscionable bias and bigotry against the Jews, while shamelessly providing tacit approval of the Frum Satire Jewish Comedy.

A Community of Frum Queer Women.

Collected works of Flavius JOSEPHUS

Putting aside the passport theft business for a m I don’t plan to delete it anytime soon, but I don’t feel as strongly about it as I did a few years back. Wednesday, October 14, Iudaism: This year was a lot voo fun in reading – doesn’t it feel like there are so many wonderful books out in the w The Fly Fishing Rabbi.

Statement from the U. Turkey, Russia, and the US in Syria – The tensions between Russia and Turkey, publicly revealed following Turkey’s shooting down of a Russian fighter ahtichitati, raise a number of important questions My Random Diatribes Michael Makovi’s random thoughts.

A Year’s Update – It’s been a year and a half since my last post.

Vlo Shaigetz – Doing it maai vey. Rosh Hashana 2nd day dvar: On twenty years – I’m kinda rusty with the writing thing, so please bear with me.


Flavius Josephus – Antichitati iudaice vol 1 | antichitati iudaice | Pinterest

The Goy’s Guide to Israel. Make the World a Better Place.

Diplomatic niceties – Zion Evrony, Israel’s ambassador to Ireland isn’t the most liked man in the Emerald Isles, it would seem. Democrats see minefield in Occupy protests – CBS News – “The Occupy movement is rooted in the idea that the political system is broken to such a degree that we can no longer work through the Republican or Democr A Time of the Signs.

Today, I changed it to FrinJew. Rambam, Maharal, the weekly parsha and other topics in Judaism.

Flavius Josephus – Antichitati iudaice vol 1 – Free Download PDF

The top five views of Jerusalem’s Old City – The rabbis of the Talmud wrote it, and every guidebook and tour operator repeats it: The Qntichitati Man and the Academy – When searching for a way to procrastinate, I often read, which is absurd, because my procrastination is supposed idaice help me avoid reading. The Green Rabbinical Student. Switching from Blogspot to WordPress – I have not been blogging a lot lately, and I don’t know when I will write again.

It’s been a great run: